Ancient Traditions in Toraja Houses of Mamasa West Sulawesi

Banua as Centre of Power of Blessing

Author: Kees Buijs

Editor: Anwar Jimpe Rachman

May 2018

Publisher: Penerbit Ininnawa

15 x 21 cm

Traditional adat houses in Tana Toraja (tongkonan) and in Mamasa (banua) have similarities and differences. Buijs investigates indications in the shape and ornaments of the banua in Mamasa that point to ancient traditions, which could be related to groups that migrated from Tana Toraja long ago. The banua represent an older tradition than the tongkonan. This can be shown in the layout of the houses and especially in some ornaments and woodcarvings.

The rituals during the building, inauguration, and demarcation of a new banua are described and explained. The show clearly its religious background and purpose. One ritual, ditobangngi barang, receives special attention because it shows that the banua must be directed again towards life and blessing for life, ater a mortuary ritual has been held in the house.


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